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Meet our Coaches


Rita Fehr 

Learn to Skate, Junior and Senior Club Coach (Private Lessons)

Rita Fehr is a 3-time US Figure skating Gold medalist in Moves in the Field, Freestyle and Pairs and has also passed through Pre-Bronze Ice Dance. 


Training with Team USA coaches and International level coaches helped her become a US National Competitor,3-time Sectional competitor in Pairs as well as a Sectional Competitor in Singles.These experiences have helped shape her desire to help every athlete reach their short and long term goals.

Outside of the rink, Rita enjoys spending time with her three kids and raising lots of fun animals on her hobby farm. She holds an Associates of Liberal Arts Degree and is pursuing her Bachelors of Social Work.

Rita has experience coaching skaters through USFSA Gold Medalist in, Moves in the field, Solo Free Dance and Intermediate Freestyle tests. Please contact Coach Rita at 715-497-9769 or email at $25/30 min lesson.


Megan Endries

Learn to Skate Coach, Junior & Senior Club Coach Private Lessons

Hi! I am Megan Endries, and I attend the University of Eau Claire for bio chem! I have been skating since I was three and am working on my Intermediate for both moves in the field and free skate. I have four years experience teaching learn to skate. Additionally, I was the captain of my hometown synchro team! I currently skate on the UWEC synchro team and individually in Chippewa! I look forward to meeting you! My number is (920) 905-8078 and my rate is $15 per half hour however in august it will be going up to $19. Thank you!


Deyette Helminski

Learn to Skate Director, Learn to Skate Private Lessons

I’m Deyette Helminski, the Chippewa Figure Skating Club’s Learn to Skate Director. I was born in Andover, MN and moved to Cadott, WI in 1996. I have a wonderful husband (Matthew) and three handsome boys (Bryan, Justin, and Kyle). I fell in love with Figure Skating at 8 years old when I received my first pair of figure skates for Christmas. From then on, every winter I spent as many hours as possible outdoors at the skating rink or skating on a small pond behind our house. In college, I was introduced to the world of “Adult” Figure Skating, but it was short-lived due to moving to Grand Forks, ND to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. I’m a Medical Technologist and I currently work at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chippewa Falls, WI. I’ve now been skating for 12 years and “yes” I do compete. I served as the LTS Director for the club several years ago, but due to my career path at the time I had to resign. I’m very thankful to have accepted the LTS Director position again because I love seeing the smiles on the faces of children as they learn what seemed impossible is possible.  


Brittany Stelter

Learn to Skate Private Lessons, Junior Club Coach Private Lessons

Hi, my name is Brittany Stelter. I skated at the club for 11 years before moving away for college and traveling for work. Before leaving the club, I passed my Intermediate Moves in the Field and my Juvenile Free Skate. I hope to continue to compete as an adult and advance my skills while helping other skaters achieve their goals as well. I am a licensed Learn to Skate and Junior Club Coach through USFSA with 5 years of coaching experience while I was previously with the club.

I graduated from UW-Platteville with a Civil Engineering degree emphasis in Structural Engineering and spent a few years underwater diving and rope access climbing to inspect bridges all over the USA. Recently I came back to the area and found my true passion in raising cattle and began working for Equity Livestock Sales. I currently have my own herd of beef cattle and adorable calves! I also have a photography business and love capturing precious moments in life and nature.

I hope to help each and every skater reach for their dreams to become the best skater they can be. I have unique ways to look at each and every skill to make them fun while still perfecting the basics. Please feel free to text or call me at (715) 944-9146 or email me at


Elsa Bohman

Learn to Skate Coach, Private Lessons

Hello my name is Elsa Bohman and I am a freshman at Chi-Hi. I have been skating in Chippewa for the past 11 years. I have been helping with Chippewa’s Learn to Skate program for the last 5 years, and I am a certified Learn to Skate Coach. I enjoy sharing my love for skating to the younger skaters. I am working on my Juvenile Free Skate and my Junior Moves in the Field.


Mackenzie Shay

Junior & Senior Club Coach, Private Lessons, Learn to Skate, Ice Dance, and Head Synchro Instructor

Mackenzie Shay is a licensed figure skating coach and a member of the PSA. She graduated from UWEC in 2020 with degrees in English Education and Spanish, as well as a coaching certification. She was a member of the UWEC Synchronized Skating Team for 4 years. She also skated in a variety of disciplines including freestyle, synchro, and ice dance. She has passed Intermediate Moves in the Field, Juvenile Free Skate, and her Blues in the Pre-Gold Pattern Ice Dance. 


In addition to coaching in Chippewa Falls, Mackenzie is a high school English teacher and the coach of the UWEC Synchronized Skating Team. 


Mackenzie has coached in Rochester, La Crosse, Hayward, and Eau Claire. She has experience coaching and choreographing programs for Learn to Skate, freestyle, artistic, moves in the field, synchro, and ice dance, including pattern dance and solo free dance through Senior Solo Free Dance. 


Mackenzie’s goal as a coach is to make sure that all her students enjoy the sport and can have fun with it while being safe and striving for their goals, whether they want to be competitive or are skating just for the fun of the sport. Please contact Coach Mackenzie at 507-272-0799 or email at I charge $18 per 30 minutes for private lessons.

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Joelle Johnson

Junior & Senior Club Coach, Private Lessons

Joelle is a veteran figure skating coach who dedicates her time to helping skaters reach their greatest potential. She is an individual figure skating and synchronized skating coach. She helps her individual skaters navigate testing in both moves in the field & free skating as well as competitions at their appropriate skill level. She is known for the development of competitive skating routines especially those with an artistic flare. Her artistry is second to none.


Outside of figure skating, Joelle spends her time working in the medical field where she helps and cares for others' medical needs. A few fun facts about Joelle are that she loves llamas, unicorns and has an outstanding pez dispenser collection. 


Acacia Pischer

Learn to Skate, Junior & Senior Club Coach, Private Lessons

Hello! I am Acacia Pischer and I’m currently a junior at Chippewa Falls High School. I have been skating at CFSC for 10 years. I recently passed my Senior Moves in the Field (I’m now a Gold Medalist!) and I’m working on my Juvenile Free Skate. I’ve been professionally coaching Learn to Skate and private lessons for 3 years and prior I was a Learn to Skate helper. I am a certified instructor through USFSA and a member of the PSA. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!


Nadia Tambornino

Learn to Skate Coach, Junior & Senior Club Coach Private Lessons

Hi, my name is Nadia Tambornino. I'm a senior at Chippewa Falls high school. I have been skating for 11 years. I am working on my pre-gold skating skills. I also passed my bronze singles. I'm a certified Learn to Skate instructor. I've been coaching Learn to Skate for the past 5 years. I'm also a Junior club and Senior club coach.

One of my goals as a coach is to help the skater reach their goal whether it's testing, competing, or just wanting to have fun.

Something I do outside of coaching is I'm on the Chippewa Synchro Team. I'm a certified lifeguard with CPR/AED and first aid training.  Also I'm currently enlisted In the Wisconsin Army National Guard.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I'm super excited to meet you!


Jaydn Zwiefellofer

Learn to Skate Private Lessons

Hello, my name is Jadyn Zwiefellhofer. I am currently a sophomore at Chippewa Falls Senior High School. I am 16 years old and I have been skating at CFSC for the last 8 years. I presently coach for the Learn To Skate program and have been helping with the program for 4 years. I am a certified Learn to Skate Instructor. My favorite part of coaching is when students work hard to accomplish their goals.


Outside of Figure Skating, I am employed at the YMCA as a lifeguard. I also participate in Basketball and Track & Field at Chi-Hi.

Interested in being one of our coaches? 

We are always looking for great coaches to join our family-friendly club. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities by clicking HERE.

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