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The skaters are divided into 3 skating levels at our club and the level that they fall into is determined by how long they have skated. Please click HERE to see the club overview.


The 3 skating levels are:

Learn To Skate

Our Learn to Skate Program is an Affiliate of Learn to Skate USA.

It is our goal to help your skater learn how to skate while having fun and being safe on the ice. Our program is designed to help skaters learn the basics of ice skating to prepare for figure skating, hockey, or recreational skating. In Learn to Skate, skaters will advance through the levels to progress towards Chippewa Figure Skating’s Junior/Senior Club.  

It is important to note that it is common for skaters to sometimes stay at the same level for more than one session in a row depending on the difficulty of the skills in the level. Every skater progresses at their own pace and time depending on when they are confidently able to grasp the concepts, demonstrated by the end of the session during testing. 


LTS USA Mission Statement: 

To provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skating. Something happens the moment your kid’s skates touch the ice. It's surreal. Empowering. It’s the experience where kids learn much about skating, and themselves. Your child learns glides, swizzles, edges and crossovers. Your child learns positivity, confidence and personal strength.

What to know before your first day:

We do have some skates available for skaters to borrow, but we recommend that skaters get their own skates that are properly sharpened. Locally, Riverside Bike and Skate in Eau Claire and Scheels have options for skates. If going to Scheels, the Riedell 110 Opal skate is a great starting option. For sharpening, please be sure to go to Riverside or one of the other recommended skate sharpeners on our Skate Sharpening page to make sure you get the correct sharpening; figure skate sharpening is different from a hockey sharpening. Additionally, skaters should be dressed in warm clothing that they can move in, including a winter jacket and gloves. If you wish to send your skater in a helmet, that is allowed. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Junior and Senior Club

Chippewa Figure Skating Club is an affiliate club of the US Figure Skating Association, often referred to as USFSA. Our Junior and Senior Clubs Run in accordance with the mission, vision, and values of USFSA. 

USFSA Mission and Vision:

“Create and cultivate opportunities for participation and achievement in figure skating. Together, we foster fun and inspire a lifelong passion for skating while developing champions on and off the ice.” 

The core values of USFSA are excellence, integrity, respect, resilience, and community. 


Senior Club:

Once a skater has passed their Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field, which is the first moves test, they are eligible to move to Senior Club at the start of the next season. In Senior Club, skaters are able to skate on any of the club ice that is available, which is an average of 8 hours per week, and receive two private lessons with their coach(s). Additional private lessons may be added; skaters pay the coaches directly for additional lessons. Senior Club members continue to work on their skating skills in moves in the field, free skate, and any other disciplines they wish to, as well as competition programs. 

Junior Club:

After completing Learn to Skate, Junior Club is a great next step for skaters. In Junior Club, skaters and parents will be introduced to how free skate sessions, testing, and competitions work in the world of figure skating. Skaters receive two hours of ice time to practice skills on their own per week, parents must be present during this time, and one half hour private lesson where they will work with a coach on their skating. Additional private lessons may be added; skaters pay the coaches directly for additional lessons. In Junior club, skaters will begin working on their moves in the field and free skate for testing. Testing occurs at various locations and is paid for by the skater. Skaters may also work on competition programs with their coach and participate in competitions at the Junior Club level. 



Please CLICK HERE to read the Skaters Code of Conduct.

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