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Selecting a Coach 

Selecting a coach for your skater is a very personal thing between your skater and coach. An important trait to consider when selecting a coach is whether that coach makes skating enjoyable for the skater. The coach who is positive and encouraging can expect students to adopt the same attitude about their skating and make steady progress through self-confidence and love of the sport. Good coaching is an art. Click HERE for some information. 


Your child is scheduled for group or private lessons each week. It is very important that your child spends time practicing the skills taught during lessons prior to the next scheduled group lesson. PARENTS, YOU (OR A DESIGNEE) MUST BE PRESENT WHILE YOUR CHILD IS SKATING. COACHES PRESENT ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD DURING THIS TIME!

If you are interested in private lessons, contact a coach of your choice to schedule the one-on-one lesson time for your child. Coaches set their own rates and parents are encouraged to pay coaches at the end of each lesson unless other arrangements have been made.


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