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CFSC hosts several events throughout the season. 


Chippewa Figure Skating Club Competition

Occurs in December every year and is a great competition for those that are just starting out competing.


Skate for a Cause

Occurs the beginning of January and the high school skaters take the lead in the exhibition event where all of the Chippewa Figure Skaters get the opportunity to show their stuff to the general public. This event is organized by the high school skaters and entry to the event is by donation. Every year the skaters select a cause that they would like to help with and all of the donations go to that cause.

National Skate Day

Occurs on January 1st of every year and it is a day that everyone, young and old, can come out and skate. Chippewa Figure Skaters are present to assist people who are learning or skating for the first time.

Spring Show 

Occurs in March or April every year and all of the Chippewa Figure Skating Club participates in this event. Skaters are broken up into groups based on their skating levels to perform routines and show off what they have learned over the past season. It is an event you don't want to miss!


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